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If you are making a booking with ParkingCheap it is important to know and understand all the terms and conditions of this reservation. Specifically, in concern with our affiliation with Webshop Keurmerk. As all the general terms & conditions from Webshop Keurmerk are applied on our site. If you would like to learn more about this, then please keep reading this page.

What is Webshop Keurmerk & Why Use It?

Webshop Keurmerk is a trust mark that protects online purchases, by ensuring they are secure. This specific company originally began in the Netherlands, but has now expanded to all over Europe. Helping thousands of businesses with protection and safety of their customers. Highlighting their success.

As ParkingCheap prioritises online security and our users safety, we have partnered with Webshop Keurmerk. This does mean that all the regulations set by the company are followed by us.

Additional Security Measures:
For even further protection of our customers, ParkingCheap is a member of EMOTA. EMOTA is the European E-Commerce Association, who work hard to protect customer interests. The association currently has over 150,000 companies as members, as they dedicate their time to keeping online purchasing safe for everyone. Therefore, ParkingCheap acts in accordance with the regulations and rules set by EMOTA.

Cancelling a Reservation:
Of course, it is possible to cancel a parking reservation on our site. It just has to be over 24 hours before you are supposed to park. It can be done through your ParkingCheap account or by contacting our team. Please note that you will need your booking number to do this. After cancelling a booking you will be emailed to confirm this.

If the cancellation has been followed and done correctly then you will receive a refund. Our site does operate under an 85% refund system, which, means that 15% of the money will be kept to cover all the administrative costs. For more detailed and better information on receiving a refund or processing a cancellation, please read our terms & conditions.

If you have any questions, we recommend visiting our useful FAQ page.

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