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The story behind the creation of ParkingCheap is both interesting and unique. It all began in 2013 in a Northern Netherlands city called Groningen. Where law student Theo Zijlstra noticed a recurring issue in the city. In which, due to the vast popularity of bike travel, there was very little car parking available. And any parking that could be found was expensive and hard to book/pay for. Making it almost completely inaccessible for the local residents. Therefore, in solution, Theo created the initial idea of making parking more affordable, accessible and easy to book for the city.

This service for finding and booking parking became hugely popular and demand began to grow. So Theo expanded his service to other cities in the Netherlands. Letting more people benefit from such easy and cheap car parking. However, the demand only continued to grow and so another expansion happened. In which Airport Parking was introduced.

Our parking service has now officially expanded to these countries; the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Germany, & Italy. With more countries to come! Our international team work extremely hard to find the best quality parking providers, for the lowest price for you. So that you can get the most out of your parking, and have an overall pleasant experience. Which is also the reason we offer free customer service, for any of your questions or concerns. We also have a FAQ page to quickly answer any pressing questions you may have. ParkingCheap is excited to get you the best parking prices, and take all the stress away from finding parking. We hope to see you among our 60,000+ trusted users! 

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