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Southampton Airport Parking

Parking in the city
Parking in the city
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Parking at the airport

Useful information for parking at Southampton Airport

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Southampton Airport Parking

Do you have a flight leaving from Southampton Airport? Will you need parking at the airport? If so, then you are in the right place. Here, at ParkingCheap, we offer the ability to compare among many cheap car parks at Southampton Airport. In fact, we have a wide selection of parking lots available, with a variety of different parking types. Such as Valet Parking and Park & Walk. So you can be sure to find the perfect space for you, easily. Once you have found the place for you, then you can book quickly and simply on our site. We even allow for pre-booking, so you can have complete peace of mind that you have a space and at a lower cost.

Southampton Airport is relatively small, with just one terminal. However, it has flights to around 30 different destinations - all over the globe. It is also a popular destination for people to fly to due to the cruises that leave from Southampton. These reasons can make it hard to find parking, especially at a cheap price. Which is why we want to help! Keep reading this page to find out the parking we offer, and the amazing deals we have. You can also read our useful parking tips, to get some advice and hacks.

Cheap deals for Southampton Airport Parking

If you are wanting cheap parking at Southampton Airport then there is no better place than ParkingCheap. This is because we have a 'lowest price guarantee'. Which means we only ever offer the lowest price possible, for all of our car parks. So you are always getting the best deal, no matter where you wish to park. If this wasn't enough, we also have no booking fees for the use of our service. Just so we can keep our prices as low as possible for you. Our site also allows for pre-booking, so you can save even more money and have the reassurance that you have a parking space for exactly when you need. Which means you no longer need to search for discount codes, as we have all the amazing deals right here!

Long Term Parking near Airport Southampton

It is important to know that we offer, not only short stay parking, but also long term parking beside the airport. So even if you need to park for over a week, you can be sure to still find low-cost parking options that suit all your needs. In fact, often, when you book for long stay parking at Southampton Airport the daily rate decreases. This is due to the amount of days you are parking for. Letting you benefit from even cheaper prices.

Parking prices at Southampton Airport

To help you, we have added a table with an overview of the parking providers available at the airport. In this table you can also see the different prices for these locations, and some of their key features. This can help you make a decision on which parking suits you best. But if you need more information then simply click on the name of the provider, or best yet, use our comparison tool.

Daily rate Starting at
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We always care about our customers


Customer satisfaction is incredibly important, here at ParkingCheap. As we want to assist and help you in the best ways possible, for your benefit. Which means we are always available to support you in any concerns, questions or problems. We also value our customers' opinion, and so we only have real and honest reviews on our page. This lets us listen to our customers and monitor our overall user satisfaction, allowing ParkingCheap to always improve. But it also allows for you to see what previous customers have thought and what they recommend; further guiding you. Currently, among our 60,000+ users, we have a satisfaction rate of 96% for our cheap parking in Airports and Cities.

Car Parks at Southampton Airport

Southampton Airport

For you to be able to easily see where the car parks are located, we have added a map. As you can see, Southampton Airport has just one terminal. Outside this terminal is the Short Stay car park and the Pick-up & Drop-Off zone. Slightly further away from the terminal is the official Long Stay parking, which also has some spaces for pick-up & drop-off. These official parking locations are operated by the airport, so they can be slightly higher in price.

However, ParkingCheap also offers independent car park options. These can be located slightly further away from the airport, for a much cheaper price. Their location is also not to worry as they offer complimentary services to get you to the terminal on time. We also check all of these car parks, to ensure you get high-quality and security for your car. So if you are trying to stay within budget we highly recommend using our comparison tool to see all your parking options - from official to independent.

Airport Southampton: How to book Car Parking

Booking with ParkingCheap is quick, secure and easy. In just a few minutes you can book a parking space at one of our high-quality car parks. To find out how we recommend reading the steps below. As we explain how to search, compare and reserve on our site - so that you can get the most out of parking. If after reading the instructions you have any further questions, then please visit our FAQ page.

The first step to booking parking is to enter your travel data into our comparison tool. This includes, where and when you wish to park. After doing this, you can press the search button to get your tailored results.

After pressing search you will be taken to a page filled with a large selection of parking providers that are available during the dates you need. This is where you can start comparing all the options. You can look at location, price, facilities, services, and more. Making sure you find the perfect parking space for you. Another useful tip to keep in mind, is that you can use our filter tool to narrow down your search results to match your personal preferences.

Once you have found a car park you would like to use, you can make a reservation directly on our site. You can do this by clicking on the button below the name of the provider. After this you will be prompted to fill out some necessary information, and pick an online payment method. Then you can pay securely.

You are almost finished with the booking process! Now you just need to confirm your reservation with us. This is done by checking your email for a booking confirmation. It should arrive in your inbox within 24 hours after paying. If you can not find this email then please check your spam folder, if it still can not be located then get in contact with our customer service team. Once you have received this confirmation, the booking process is complete. All you need to do now is drive to the provider on the day.

The Cheapest Parking Providers at Southampton Airport

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Customers are always a top priority, here at ParkingCheap. Our team works incredibly hard to find the best and cheapest parking, in airports and cities around the country. With the aim of making parking easily and quickly available. But still at a low-cost! Which is why booking on our site only takes a few minutes. On top of that, if you ever need any assistance or have a question, our lovely customer service team is ready to hear from you. You can find different contact methods, just below.

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FAQ Southampton Airport city parking

This actually depends on the specific provider. As the official Southampton parking considers any parking below 24 hours as short stay. Whilst, some of our independent car parks consider parking under a week as short stay. You can always use our comparison tool, and enter your travel dates to see which exact car parks are available and for how much.

Unfortunately, the only free parking available at this airport is for pickup & drop off - and is restricted to 10 minutes. If you wish to park for longer than 10 minutes, then you will have to pay. However, this is not to worry with ParkingCheap. Our site has a lowest price guarantee and no booking fees. So you are always getting the best deal possible.

Incredibly safe. All of our parking providers have been regularly checked by our team. So you know you are only being offered the very best. Additionally, most parking providers have multiple security measures in place; such as CCTV, fencing, patrol team, etc.

This depends on multiple factors. In terms of parking type, shuttle parking is most often the cheapest. This is because the parking lot is normally located further away from the airport, as you are offered a shuttle. However, what we recommend doing is using our comparison tool (which can be found at the top of this page, or on our home-page) and seeing an overview of all the Southampton airport parking providers. Then you will be able to see the cheapest, but also which car park will best suit your needs.

We always recommend reserving a parking space as soon as you book your flights, or know your travel dates. This is because you can benefit a lot by pre-booking. For one, you can save a lot of money as booking in advance can often lower the costs. Additionally, it ensures you have a parking space for when you need. Airports can always get busy - especially during peak travel times - and so it can save you a lot of stress to book in advance.

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