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Stansted Airport Parking

Parking in the city
Parking in the city
Parking at the airport
Parking at the airport

Useful information for parking at Stansted Airport

🚗 Number of parking lots: 12 parking lots
⭐ Best rated: My CSL Stansted
🤲 Best value: My CSL Stansted
✈️ Closest to airport: APH Stansted Parking

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Map of parking providers airport Stansted Airport

View the parking locations on the map

Stansted Parking

Want to start your journey off right, with complete peace of mind? Then ParkingCheap is the best place to be. Our site allows for you to find the best parking for the best price at Airport Stansted - by using our comparison tool. This tool works by gathering all the available parking providers and then letting you compare the options. Until one meets all your personal needs and requirements. Whether this is parking type, services available, price, location, facilities, and more! So start your travels on the best path, and have the comfort of driving to the airport, leaving your car, and knowing it will wait safely for your return.
Stansted Airport has one terminal, and is most known for low-budget flights around Europe. It was the UK’s 4th busiest airport in the country, in 2018. With 27 million passengers recorded in a single year. Showing its success but also how busy the airport can get. Which is why we recommend booking parking in advance on our site. As this not only guarantees you a space, but also can save you a lot of money. The further you book in advance, the lower the cost. To find out more about saving money with ParkingCheap, or the options we have to offer - keep reading this page. For any further questions, you can always visit our FAQ.

Long Stay Car Parks at Stansted Airport

Whether you are looking for short stay, mid-stay or long stay parking - we have you covered. We have a wide range of parking providers, so you can be sure to find a car park that matches all your personal needs; including the length of your stay. All of these parking lots have been frequently checked by our team. So you can be sure of getting the best quality and security, no matter where you pick to park. 

Cheap Stansted Airport Parking

 Getting the best Stansted Airport parking prices is easy with ParkingCheap. This is because we have the lowest price guarantee. Which means you are only ever being offered the lowest price possible. This is due to our close relationships with the parking providers. As they let us match their original pricing or even beat it. So you can have the complete peace of mind, that you are only seeing the best price. We also have many deals, offers and discounts throughout the year that you can take advantage of. Additionally, our site also has no booking fees, letting the costs stay low.

We always care about our customers


Customer satisfaction is incredibly important, here at ParkingCheap. As we want to assist and help you in the best ways possible, for your benefit. Which means we are always available to support you in any concerns, questions or problems. We also value our customers' opinion, and so we only have real and honest reviews on our page. This lets us listen to our customers and monitor our overall user satisfaction, allowing ParkingCheap to always improve. But it also allows for you to see what previous customers have thought and what they recommend; further guiding you. Currently, among our 60,000+ users, we have a satisfaction rate of 96% for our cheap parking in Airports and Cities.

Overview of the Airport

Stansted Airport

 The map on the right shows a brief overview of what the airport looks like. As you can see, Stansted Airport has one passenger terminal. Which is all in one block and at one level. This makes it easy to get around.

How to book the best space for you?

Booking with us only takes a few minutes and is super simple. Below are a few easy instructions that explain how to search for parking, compare the options, and reserve the perfect space. If you need any further help with a booking, you can always contact us

 The first step is to enter your flight details into our comparison tool - which can be found at the top of this page or on our home-page. This information includes; where you are flying from and when. Once you have done this, you can click the search button.

 After clicking the search button you will be taken to a page that has all the available parking providers - per your details. This is where you can compare all the options, depending on what you specifically want from your parking. To make this easier, you can always use our filter tool to narrow down the results. You can also click on the car park to see more information, and read reviews left from previous customers.

Once you have found the parking provider you would like to reserve a space with, simply click on the book button. You can then fill out some necessary details, and pick an online payment method. Then securely pay. 

The final step is to ensure your reservation has been confirmed. Within 24 hours of making the payment, you will receive a booking confirmation. This will be sent to the email address you filled in when making the booking. We highly recommend keeping this confirmation safe as it holds all the important details of your booking and the parking provider. 
If you can not find this email, please check your spam folder. If it still can not be found then get in contact with us, and we will be sure to help.

The parking types on offer

Here at ParkingCheap, we have four parking types available. Giving you plenty of choice over your parking. We recommend reading the descriptions, below, of the different parking types as it explains the various benefits. This will let you choose based on your own needs and expectations. For example, those that want a car park closest to the airport are best suited to Park & Walk. Or those in a stricter budget, are best to look at shuttle parking.

Shuttle parking is easy, simple and affordable. It works by driving to the parking lot, taking your belongings, and boarding a complimentary shuttle bus to the airport. Then, on your return, you just need to arrange for a pick-up with the provider. You will then be transported back to your car. This shuttle bus is the reason this parking type is most affordable. As the parking lot is often placed further away from the airport, allowing them to lower their prices. This is still not to worry as the bus will still get you there in just a few minutes.

If you are wanting a more premium service, then valet parking is ideal for you. Valet is the most convenient and easy parking type. As it works by just driving straight to the airport, where a staff member from the provider will meet you. They will then help you with your bags, and drive your car to the parking lot. Allowing you to waste no time. When you return, your car will be waiting for you outside arrivals with a staff member.

If you would prefer to be close to the airport, then park & walk is perfect for you. This parking type offers convenience, ease and speed. This is because the parking lot is so close to the airport, you can walk to your terminal after parking. These walks are normally around a minute. Of course, this means when you return, you just need to walk to the car park. Giving you control, and wasting almost no additional time.

For those that live far away from the airport, or have a really early morning flight - Park, Sleep & Fly is for you! This parking type lets you drive to a hotel, park your car, and stay the night. Then, when you travel, your car will stay in the secure hotel parking. On the day of your flight the hotel will, also, organise for your transportation to the airport. Similarly, for your return, the hotel will organise to pick you up and then take you back to the hotel. You then have the choice of taking your car or staying another night.

Some Car Park Options

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Customers are always a top priority, here at ParkingCheap. Our team works incredibly hard to find the best and cheapest parking, in airports and cities around the country. With the aim of making parking easily and quickly available. But still at a low-cost! Which is why booking on our site only takes a few minutes. On top of that, if you ever need any assistance or have a question, our lovely customer service team is ready to hear from you. You can find different contact methods, just below.

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FAQ Stansted Airport city parking

With ParkingCheap, there are many ways you can save money. One way is to pre-book. The more in advance you reserve your parking, the cheaper the price will be. Additionally, you can choose to park with one of the independent parking providers. Who offer lower prices and better discounts, at the same quality of the official parking lots. It is also important to remember that ParkingCheap only offers you the lowest price possible. So you are guaranteed to get the best deal. In terms of parking type, shuttle parking most often offers the lowest price. Due to the parking lot being situated further away from the airport.

There is only free parking available for stays under 60 minutes. If you wish to park longer than this then you will need to pay. Fortunately, with ParkingCheap you can find low cost parking - easily. Simply use our comparison tool to get the best prices possible.

Yes it is! Pre-booking parking is the most affordable option. Which is why we recommend reserving a space on our site as soon as you know your travel dates. This will guarantee you a space, and save you money.

Normally, short stay parking at Stansted Airport is around 2-7 days. However, what is considered ‘short stay’ parking may vary between providers.

This depends on each person, and their personal requirements from parking. In terms of price, Shuttle Parking is normally the lowest - making it best in price. However, for convenience and ease, Meet & Greet parking is the best.

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