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Customer satisfaction is incredibly important, here at ParkingCheap. As we want to assist and help you in the best ways possible, for your benefit. Which means we are always available to support you in any concerns, questions or problems. We also value our customers' opinion, and so we only have real and honest reviews on our page. This lets us listen to our customers and monitor our overall user satisfaction, allowing ParkingCheap to always improve. But it also allows for you to see what previous customers have thought and what they recommend; further guiding you. Currently, among our 60,000+ users, we have a satisfaction rate of 96% for our cheap parking in Airports and Cities.

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Customers are always a top priority, here at ParkingCheap. Our team works incredibly hard to find the best and cheapest parking, in airports and cities around the country. With the aim of making parking easily and quickly available. But still at a low-cost! Which is why booking on our site only takes a few minutes. On top of that, if you ever need any assistance or have a question, our lovely customer service team is ready to hear from you. You can find different contact methods, just below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays you actually always pay for your parking space in the center, but the costs differ. For example, Amsterdam, as the capital, charges a higher parking rate than, for example, Zwolle.

For most parking spaces in the center you have to pay to be able to park. Prices differ per neighborhood and per part of the city center. However, you can often park for free on public holidays. Should it be the case that you find a free parking lot or parking space somewhere? Be warned that these are often less safe parking areas. These car parks often do not have a surveillance system and the distance to the center is often very large. However, it is not often anymore that you can park for free somewhere and this will unfortunately decrease even more in the coming years.

That depends on the parking location, our aim is to reserve a parking space no later than one hour before the desired parking time. However, we would like to advise you to do this longer in advance due to crowds. If you have any questions about a parking space, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you with your parking choice in the center.

Despite the fact that electric driving is becoming increasingly popular, not every parking location has electric charging points. Electric driving is still under development and parking locations are going along with this development as much as possible, but not every parking garage has reached that stage yet. In our parking overview of the center we always indicate whether a parking location has charging stations.

The maximum height of parking garages differs per garage. You can always find the headroom on the detail page of the parking location. You never have to deal with a clearance height at parking lots. Parking lots are uncovered so that taller and larger cars can always park here. Read our parking tips to get on the road well prepared and to think about everything.

All parking locations in the center that we work with use basic security such as a barrier and fence. Furthermore, it differs per location what else is done in terms of safety. Today most garages and grounds are guarded with CCTV surveillance and a security guard. If you want to know exactly what a parking location does in terms of safety, you can find the details on the detail page.

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