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Southend Airport Parking

Parking in the city
Parking in the city
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Parking at the airport

Useful information for parking at Southend Airport

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Map of parking providers airport Southend Airport

Parking at Southend Airport

Do you have a flight leaving from Southend? Want the ease of parking right at the airport? Then look no further! ParkingCheap offers you the ability to compare a variety of car parks at the airport. So you can pick the one most suited to you and your budget. Whether you need short stay, long stay, or even free parking – we are sure to help you out. You can also find out all about our amazing deals and discounts available, by reading this page.

Southend Airport is located just 40 miles (ca. 64 km) from central London. It is an international airport with flights to the Netherlands, Portugal, and more. Making the airport a very popular location for holiday flights. Which is why we also allow for you to pre-book parking. Guaranteeing yourself a space when you require it, and at the best price! Keep reading this page for more information, or visit or FAQ for any questions.

Cheap deals for Southend Airport Parking

Saving money and finding cheap parking for Southend Airport are made easy with us! As our site has a 'lowest price guarantee' for all of our parking providers. Meaning we only offer the very best and lowest price possible, so that you are always getting an amazing deal. This is only possible due to our close relationship with the car parks. As they allow us to match or beat their original pricing. We also have no booking fees for the use of our service, which also helps to keep costs as low as possible. If all of that wasn't enough, you can also find many amazing discounts on our site. As, often, you can find great discounts when you pre-book parking with us - as one example. So no more wasting time searching for promo codes or discount codes, as you can find all the cheap prices and deals you want right here, right now.

Long Stay Parking near Airport London Southend

Not only do we have amazing prices, but we have parking for both short and long stays. So no matter how long your journey is, we are sure to accommodate you. The airport itself offers both official Long Stay car parks (Long Stay 1, Long Stay 2, & and Car Park 3) and also Short Stay parking lots. You can locate these car parks on our map below. ParkingCheap also works with independent providers, which most often offer parking for any length of stay at a cheaper price. This is why we recommend using our comparison tool, to find the available locations for your specific travel dates. 

Parking prices at Southend Airport

Here we have attached a table to show a brief overview of the parking providers available, and their pricing. If you wish to read more about a certain car park then simply click on the name.

Daily rate Starting at
3 days Coming soon
8 days Coming soon
15 days Coming soon

We always care about our customers


Customer satisfaction is incredibly important, here at ParkingCheap. As we want to assist and help you in the best ways possible, for your benefit. Which means we are always available to support you in any concerns, questions or problems. We also value our customers' opinion, and so we only have real and honest reviews on our page. This lets us listen to our customers and monitor our overall user satisfaction, allowing ParkingCheap to always improve. But it also allows for you to see what previous customers have thought and what they recommend; further guiding you. Currently, among our 60,000+ users, we have a satisfaction rate of 96% for our cheap parking in Airports and Cities.

Car Parking at Southend Airport

Southend Airport

As you can see in the map we have added, there are many parking options for Southend Airport. As for getting to the airport, if necessary, there are public transport options. Such as a train and bus that you can straight to the airport. For parking, just outside the only terminal is a Short Stay Car Park and Long Stay 1 Car Park. The Short Stay Car Park can be used for pickup and drop off of passengers, as well as the Long Stay 3 Car Park. In fact, if you park at Long Stay 3, you get the first 15 minutes free. Which is perfect for pickups/drop-offs. Another official (operated by the airport) parking lot available is the Long Stay 2.

Additionally, beyond these official parking providers are some amazing and cheap independent car parks. As they are not operated by the airport and are located slightly further away, they have amazing deals and prices that you can benefit from. These providers are all reliable, safe, and secure. To see these options, you can always use our comparison tool or scroll to the bottom of this page to find some listed.

Airport London Southend: How to book car parking

Finding and booking parking is easy and quick with ParkingCheap. To get the very best price and space, all you have to do is follow our four very simple steps for making a booking. Which can be found below, and will only take a few minutes to read. If you have any further questions about the reservation process, then we recommend visiting our FAQ page.

The very first step is to enter your travel details into our comparison tool, which can be found at the top of this page or on our home page. This includes, when and where you will be flying from. After filling this information in you can click the search button.

After pressing the search button you will be taken to a page filled with all the available parking providers during your specific dates. It is now up to you to compare all these amazing providers. If you wish to narrow down the search results you can always use our filter tool. As it lets you see only the parking types you would like to use. When comparing your options it is important to keep in mind; price, location, facilities, services, and parking type. You can also read honest reviews about the provider on their page, which may help in making a choice. In this way, you will be sure to find the perfect space for you!

Once you have found a parking provider you would like to reserve a space with, simply click on the 'book' button. Then you will be able to book and pay online, securely, in only a few minutes.

The final step is to confirm your booking and then actually park on the day! You can confirm your booking by checking your email within 24 hours of making your payment, as there you will find a reservation confirmation. If you can not find this email, then please check your spam folder. If it still can not be found, then get in contact with our customer service team.

As for parking, on the day of your booking, you need to drive to the location of the provider. Then follow the procedure depending on the parking type. We advise taking your booking confirmation with you!

The Cheapest Parking Providers at Southend Airport

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Customers are always a top priority, here at ParkingCheap. Our team works incredibly hard to find the best and cheapest parking, in airports and cities around the country. With the aim of making parking easily and quickly available. But still at a low-cost! Which is why booking on our site only takes a few minutes. On top of that, if you ever need any assistance or have a question, our lovely customer service team is ready to hear from you. You can find different contact methods, just below.

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FAQ Southend Airport city parking

Southend Airport has free parking for drop-off, which is only for 15 minutes. If you stay longer than these 15 minutes, you will have to pay - which at the airport is very expensive. Luckily, with ParkingCheap you can find affordable parking for short stay and long stay. Our comparison tool will find you the best deals and the best space per your personal needs and requirements. So you can benefit from staying within budget and also getting the perfect parking spot. For any further questions on our pricing, please visit our detailed FAQ page.

This actually depends on a variety of factors. For example, both when and where you book will change the price. As pre-booking will save you money. And certain parking types are cheaper than others, meaning the price changes depending on the parking provider you choose to reserve with. What is known, is that ParkingCheap only offers the lowest price possible. So you can have the peace of mind that you are only seeing the best deals. Allowing you to browse, freely, among all the options. You can always use our comparison tool (which can be found at the top of this page, or on our home-page) to see a clear overview of all the prices for car parks at Southend.

This actually depends on the specific parking provider. However, most offer long stay parking for up to months. What we recommend doing is using our comparison tool and entering the specific dates you need parking for (no matter how long). Then when you click on the search button you will be able to see all the available car parks for your dates.

With ParkingCheap, you are always getting the best deals on offer. This is because we have a lowest price guarantee, which ensures that our prices are as low as possible. We also have no booking fees, so using our service is completely free. Additionally, with airport parking you can benefit from reduced costs when you pre-book or reserve a space for long-term.

As soon as possible. If you want to make sure you get the best space (at the provider of your choosing) for the best price, then we recommend to book parking in as far as advance as possible. This will let you have more choice, as more spaces/providers will be available. Pre-booking, often, also lowers the price - allowing you to save even more money!

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